Biographic Sketch

Paul Zimnik is an educator and retired Osteopathic physician, living in Frederick, MD. He is the president of the 501(c)(3) Patient Medical Association, which he founded to improve healthcare and to educate people on how to enhance their well being and mental health. He is president of his local HOA, the Whittier Community Associates, a board he's served on for over ten years.

Paul has always been driven to improve society by improving the lives of individuals.

    His research continues today in applying his theories about the full extent of integrated human anatomy for individuals in meditative self-treatment to lead happier and healthier lives. He believes these pursuits could help reduce the increasing mental health issues our society is facing as reflected in the increased rates of suicide and substance abuse and the overall coarsening of our interactions. He calls this approach AutoPsychology, which he describes in his soon to be released book:

    AutoPsychology: Helping You to Find True Happiness, Peace, and Fulfillment in Life 

    You can contact Paul here.